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Here at Bobo Construction, our commitment to quality and to customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition. We truly care about our clients, and work hand in hand with them to make their dream homes a reality.

Owner Alan Bobo personally oversees each and every project for the highest level of quality control, providing clients with both the best possible results, and the peace of mind they deserve.

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Hi, I'm Bobo Construction owner Alan Bobo. Unlike many of my peers, I'm relying on both education and experience to help me produce a superior end result. I hold a degree in Construction Management from the University of Idaho, and I've used that training in conjunction with my experience and my own commitment to quality and service to establish the stellar reputation that Bobo Construction enjoys today.

I've been in the new home construction business since 2002, specializing in custom home construction. I'm committed to quality and service, and it shows! Call today to learn how Bobo Construction can get you started on the road to your dream home.




Bobo Construction uses only the best subcontractors and works with them closely. Owner Alan Bobo personally oversees every project.

Owner Alan Bobo believes that in the construction business, a strong relationship between the client, the crew and the contract is the foundation of a quality home. For Alan, direct access to the owner of the company creates the best results for the customer. That's why he personally oversees each and every project for the highest level of quality control.

Bobo Construction uses only highly qualified subcontractors for each aspect of your home's construction. Custom homes require specialized professionals, and that's just what you'll get when you choose Bobo Construction.


Bobo Construction provides custom residential construction services.

At Bobo Construction, our job is to make your dream home a reality. We've been in the business of building beautiful, high quality custom homes since 2002.

We employ highly skilled, specialized professionals to bring your dream to life, and owner Alan Bobo personally oversees every project.

The process of choosing a builder and planning a new custom home can be daunting. At Bobo Construction, we're with you every step of the way, making the process as smooth as possible, and ensuring the best possible finished product.

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At Bobo Construction, we understand that embarking on the process of new home construction can be overwhelming. We're here to make it easy for you. Call today and let us answer your questions and guide you through the process of custom home construction!

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